Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Visitors Are Not On Vacation From Common Decency

Those of us in states with warmer climates are frequently the recipient of an influx of short term residents during the winter.  Around here, we call them snowbirds.

If you or someone you know is a snowbird (or you're not a snowbird but exhibit these bad traits), here are a few tips for being a well-mannered adult:

- Being on vacation from your usual homeplace does not mean you are on vacation from being a well-mannered adult.

- It is not okay to speak despicably to employees in stores for no good reason, regardless of your age or primary state of residence.

- If someone does something you feel isn't right and they apologize, just say "apology accepted" and move on.

- Recognize that the world doesn't need to step aside just because you're here for a visit.  Wait your turn.  Politely.

We're glad to share our wonderful state with you while you visit.  But leave the nasty attitude at home buried in the dirty gray snow.  You'll feel better and so will everyone around you.